How To Keep Skin Healthy While Traveling

I've been in France for the past 11 days, and I still have a ways to go:) I'm going to be honest with you, I outdid myself the first few days in Paris. Drinking wine, rosé, champagne and not enough water. Eating baguettes with butter, cheese and don't forget the croissants, every single day which are foods I don't usually consume. It changed my skin appearance within days. My perioral dermatitis flared up a bit around my mouth, my skin didn't look as vibrant and it felt dry to the touch which is a major sign of dehydration. I was quickly reminded that BALANCE IS KEY because although I don't have food triggers, I know consuming these savory, dairy, starchy foods in excess isn't good for the digestive system as it will have to work double-time to breakdown everything down. When that happens, your digestive and immune system can weaken, which makes your body more susceptible to breakouts, colds, viruses, and flare-ups of existing skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, etc. Also, everything we eat has to come through our pores, so the cheese and butter I devoured upon arrival are acne breeding bacteria that can totally cause blemishes. 

I wanted to share with you guys everything I've done to prep and maintain healthy skin while traveling to France so, here they are!


Applying sheet masks on the plane will do nothing if you haven't prepped your skin beforehand. I ALWAYS begin using very hydrating products 2 days before a flight and EXFOLIATE. By exfoliating, you are removing dead skin cells so hydrating products are better absorbed. I follow up with a DIY hydrating mask and my DIY aloe-based moisturizer. To add more hydration, you can add 2 drops of your favorite oil. My favs are hempseed oil, seabuckthorn, grapeseed or argan oil.


The day I travel, I always do my nighttime skincare routine, especially if its a red-eye. This is imperative because you are keeping your skin in its natural routine without interruption. Nighttime is when I recommend applying all of your treatment products like your acids, retinol, vitamin C, etc. So, double cleanse, exfoliate, mask, tone, apply eye cream, treatment serums, moisturizer. If you have a window seat, PLEASE APPLY SPF! When you are on a plane, sitting by the window you are closest to the sun which will 1000% give you sun damage. 


I am NOT one to deprive myself. I love food, culture and immersing myself in the country I'm traveling to. It’s a passion of mine to dive in and dwell in their culture. I want to eat their stable dishes and learn it's origin like a local. So, I indulge but moderately. If I want a croissant, I'll eat one for breakfast but will limit my carb intake at lunch/dinner. I love wine, but I know I can't drink too much so I'll have 1 glass at lunch and 1 at dinner, making sure to drink water in between. Also, I ask for a side of their house veggies. The great thing about being in France is that it's grown locally, so I know I'm getting high-quality non-GMO foods. LIVE, DWELL, INDULGE...WITH BALANCE! 


Be sure to keep yourself hydrated, internally. Flying dehydrates your entire body so remaining hydrated is key. Drink loads of water, eat foods with great water content such as watermelon, cucumbers, lettuce, etc. This keeps your skin fresh, youthful and prevents dullness.


I bring along a soothing dry clay mask perfect for traveling as I can easily mix with water to keep my skin supple yet balanced. I opt for rose clay as it's slightly detoxifying yet amazing at soothing, especially for those with sensitive skin. 

DIY Hydrating Rose Mask

  • Rose Clay

  • aloe vera (if not accessible, water will do)

  • 2 drops of colloidal silver ( I bring this from home. Amazing for dermatitis and eczema)

  • If you can find local honey, mix that too:)

Mix ingredients together to obtain consistency of choice, apply to clean skin, leave it on for 5-15 mins then rinse. Follow up with a toner and favorite moisturizer.

I hope this was helpful!

As always, All my love