Spring Clean Your Skin: Winter - Spring Skincare

Spring has arrived...Finally!

As you pack away your wool coats and oversized sweaters for sundresses and sandals, don't forget to swap your heavy moisturizer for a lightweight lotion. Regardless of your skin type, the transition from winter to spring can be harsh on your skin. During winter months, our dry skin requires a heavier moisturizer. But as heat and humidity increase, our skin’s natural oil production increases as well. So, this means using lighter moisturizers and amping up your sun protection.

You’ll also want to make adjustments to how you cleanse and treat your skin during the transition. Here are my top suggestions to spring clean your skincare routine:


I truly believe skin transitions best when you get a professional facial from an esthetician. A simple detox/hydrating facial will purge pores of heavy products used during winter months without ridding skin hydration completely. It’s an excellent way to jump-start your skincare for spring and prep skin for light-weight products


If you cannot afford to get a spring facial at a spa, I always recommend exfoliating. Skin tends to be less sensitive when humidity is raised due to the added moisture in the air. This is the perfect time to use scrubs and light exfoliating enzyme peels to brighten the appearance of your skin.


Higher temperatures result in oilier skin for everyone, not just those with a leaning toward oily skin. It’s important to switch to a lighter moisturizer in spring for the skin to breathe and minimize pore blockages.


You should be wearing sunscreen all year round, but we must amp up sunscreen levels just a bit. I recommend using SPF 40+ as the sun is quite harsh these days and we need more protection. If you love the sun as I do, reapply immediately after swimming or if you're lying out every 1-2 hours with sun protection. That goes for EVERYONE! I don't care what skin color you have, skin cancer is not prejudiced.

Happy Spring!

All my love,