Why SPF In Your Makeup Isn't Enough

I'm all for maintaining a minimalist morning routine but when it comes to SPF, that's a step I never skip. Yes, a 2-in-one product is convenient and not 100% pointless but it surely isn’t meant for substitution. It adds an extra layer of protection which we can all benefit from as the sun is much harsher than ever before. Makeup generally carries a small amount of SPF (20 or less,) which isn't nearly enough to protect skin at all. Everyone should be using an SPF of 40 or higher to ensure skin is properly protected.

It is important to remember that SPF in makeup only refers to protection against UVB. UVA is a longer wavelength that can penetrate glass. It is the main wavelength that damages our collagen and also can increase our risk of skin cancer. Also, SPF within makeup are less likely to be rub/water resistant and are likely to be applied much more thinly than sunscreen. Because of this, they're very unlikely to offer the same level of protection.

PRO SOLUTION: Apply sunscreen separately, every day. If your moisturizer/makeup has SPF in it, wonderful. That'll only further protect your skin and help you maintain youthfulness.

Follow Steps Below: Cleanse, Tone (non-alcohol), Eye Cream (if you wear during the day), Moisturize, SPF, Makeup…voila.

All my love,