Pro Talk: Your Beloved 3 Step Acne System Could Actually Cause You More Acne.

Ok, let's talk!

Acne is a pain, it truly is. It can be difficult to treat and control. There's a big misconception when it comes to treating acne and it's all due to advertising and misinformation. Now, this is my personal and professional opinion but I do not find it necessary to use an entire 5 step acne system to treat acne.

++ Acne is NOT a skin type so there is never a one size fits all formula. Acne is a skin condition ALL skin types can suffer from, from the driest to the oiliest.

Acne systems are designed to do one thing — dry out. Now, some types of acne can benefit from the dry out method but honestly, most forms of acne can be treated by incorporating calming agents. Those particular systems can dehydrate the non-blemished part of the skin which results in inflammation and redness and in turn cause further damage. Dead skin cells will build up which creates a barrier and traps in oil beneath the surface causing even more acne and clogged pores.

An entire acne system is usually made up of 3-5 products (cleanser, treatment, serum, cream, post spot treatment) that contains benzoyl peroxide, BHA etc. Using all of these chemical infused products used together and often is way too much for the face.


- ALWAYS consider your skin type FIRST, treat skin conditions AFTER

- Consider using acne fighting masks (clay) that contain BHA, salicylic acid (natural form is willow bark) to use 1-2x a week in conjunction with a calming cleanser and lightweight exfoliant such as rosehip beads.

- CHOOSE ONE product designed to treat acne such as a gel/serum that should be applied after cleansing and before moisturizer.

- SPOT TREAT inflamed/active blemishes instead of using 2-3 serums/gels daily. This will ensure your healthy skin remains healthy and treats the blemish itself.

All my love,