Top 3 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Skin

First and foremost, STOP. PICKING!

I get so many questions on what I do to achieve clear, even-toned skin and I have to be honest, a high percentage stems from great genes. I credit the remaining percentage to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a minimalist skincare regimen. 

The bitter truth is, what you "don't" do can be your ally in achieving gorgeous, radiant skin. You can wreak havoc on your journey to clear skin if you abuse it too much. We have to remember that our skin is an organ so if we're too aggressive either by touch or with products, it will send signals to our brain that our body is in distress and trigger trauma hormones. Trauma hormones can result in irritation, inflammation, breakouts etc. This is why I'm a firm believer in the saying " Less is more". 

Gentle Reminder: It's not your skins fault—sometimes it's you.


 Not so gentle reminder: STOP PICKING YOUR DAMN SKIN.
I cannot stress this point enough. You are assaulting your skin by picking and can result in permanent scarring and hyperpigmentation. 
Pro-Tip: Get frequent facials if you have blemish prone skin so a licensed professional can care for your skin until the problem is controlled. Another alternative is spot treating blemishes with acne medication, tea tree oil, or peppermint essential oil to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.


A lot of folks think washing your skin more will help keep blemishes at bay, which is 100% false. The truth is many people use harsh cleansers that disrupt and strips away natural oils that we need to maintain a healthy pH balance. Over washing will cause the skin to dry out, leaving it vulnerable and prone to infections because it's protective barrier (oil) has been stripped away. 
Pro Tip: Cleanse skin 2x a day maximum with a gentle cleanser that won't strip away natural oils. If you're an athlete like myself, carry baby wipes or splash water on your face immediately after working out to prevent sweat from penetrating into pores until you can reach home and wash appropriately.


A common mistake I've been guilty of. Over exfoliation actively triggers our sebaceous glands (oil glands) which will produce more what? OIL. So when you think you're getting rid of all the oil from the day by exfoliating every day, you're actually adding more fuel to the fire. 
Pro Tip: Exfoliate 1-2x a week max with a gentle face scrub and make sure to moisturize immediately after to nourish new healthy cells. 

+ Honorable mentions: Smoking (Just stop, like now) and Excessive drinking. I think they're pretty self-explanatory.

++ Be kind to your body—entirely, and it will be kind to you. It's Law!


All my love,