The Best Adaptogen To Take All Summer

I know what your thinking— " If I have to add another powder, supplement or superfood to my lifestyle, I'm going to scream!" Look I get it, I really do but Adaptogens are a pretty amazing thing to incorporate into your daily regimen this summer so, have a sit and listen up!

Adaptogens are a broad family of herbs and plant medicines that have been used for thousands of years throughout the world. To be labeled an adaptogen, a plant medicine must attain at least three specific criteria:

+They are generally safe for EVERYONE.
+They help you manage stress levels.
+They help regulate hormones.
Additional Perks: regenerates brain cells, lowers cortisol levels, prevents/fights cancer, decreases fatigue and promotes heart health.


Why should you incorporate Adaptogens this Summer? 

Summer is the time when the earth has blossomed again, trees are greener than ever and flowers have bloomed to it's fullest capacity. It's also when seasonal allergies are at its peak. Thankfully, natural remedies can stop your midday allergy attack and the unnecessary trip to the pharmacy.

RED-GINSENG- Perfect adaptogen to combat allergies as it contains massive anti-allergic properties. One study looked at red ginseng’s ability to reduce allergy-induced nasal inflammation along with succeeding symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, itching, and even asthma.

TURMERIC- The holy grail of holy grails!. Turmeric can be used all year around. It's nature's most important superfood aiding in preventing inflammation, aging, and cancer. It promotes brain function, heart health and Alzheimer's. GET INTO IT! 

ASHWAGANDHA- The rockstar herb that supports optimal thyroid + mood boosting. So if you're feeling a way about the MTA making you late for work or even worse, a workout class you paid your hard earned money for, simmer down with a little ashwagandha... Thank me later!

LICORICE ROOT- This gem helps regulate hormone levels associated with stress.

MACA POWDER- If you follow me on IG, you know how much I love me some Maca. I put it in all of my smoothies. Maca is great for regulating hormones, (especially for women who want to conceive), it gives you a natural boost of energy (who needs coffee?) and boosts the immune system.

Some amazing companies that carry Adaptogens: Moon Deli, Sun Potion, Moon Juice, Golde.
++ I encourage you to create a routine that best fits your body/lifestyle. Every one is different, there is no "one size fits all". Choose which one works best and comment below. 

All my love,