Minimalist Skincare Routine = Fresh-Faced Beauty

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My healthcare journey has been an interesting one, to say the least. Since adapting to a more simple and minimal lifestyle, I’m very selective with what I consume as well as what I apply to my body, topically. I re-evaluated my daily routine many times to perfect one that was minimal yet effective. Most women take pride and indulge in a 12-step beauty routine, however, I am not one of them. I was longing for the simplicity of a clean skin care routine that wouldn’t break the bank and left time in the morning to enjoy a cup of tea and tackle the day ahead.

I’ve experimented with many different products, many DIY experiments with varying amounts of success for the sake of great skin. I’ve picked up tons of tips on the way to help you save time (and money) during this transitional period.

And so it begins.


It’s highly recommended to cleanse with an oil-based cleanser first, followed by a gentle cream or foaming cleanser. Using an oil-based cleanser will ensure you have removed all of your makeup to guarantee your main cleanser works effectively. If you have oily skin, don’t fret my friend because luckily for you, like removes like. If you wear a good amount of makeup or have an oily T- Zone, best be sure that the oil cleanser will remove all the grit and grime from your skin.

How does one get rid of water retention? By drinking more water. Remember, like removes like.

My go-to oil cleanser is called “Clear Bloom” by FarmacyBeauty. This brand cultivates farm grown botanicals and uses age-old wisdom to formulate products that’ll keep our skin healthy and radiant. No parabens, No artificial coloring and, most important, no animal testing

Let me repeat that for the folks in the back. NO ANIMAL TESTING! Need I say more?

I follow up with the gentle foaming cleanser by Burt's Bees to ensure my skin is clean without abrasion.


I generally exfoliate 1-2x a week, at night only, to remove dead skin cells, which can get trapped in your pores and inevitably block them. Exfoliating can also naturally resurface the skin, which will give you more of a smooth and balanced complexion. In my own experience, homemade exfoliants have worked just as well, if not better for my skin than any product on the market.

It’s also 90% cheaper than the exfoliants I’ve bought in the past. No Joke.

DIY Brown Sugar Scrub
Brown Sugar- Natural humectant that absorbs moisture, leaving it supple and soft
Raw Honey- Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal
Lemon juice- Natural brightener
Lavender Essential Oil- Anti-aging, Reduces acne, Restores skin complexion 

+ I get all of my ingredients from my local health food store.



This is by far the most important step. Moisturizing not only keeps your skin hydrated and supple but it also creates a barrier that protects your skin from free radicals and environmental pollutants such as wind, sun, and the killer….Smog. I use an oil-free moisturizer in conjunction with a Broad Spectrum SPF 45+ by day and a skin firming night balm by Farmacy Beauty by night.


Incorporating a hydrating mask into my routine is like putting the cherry on top of a delicious sundae. You don’t necessarily need the cherry in order for the sundae to be complete, but it definitely raises the stakes a bit higher. The same goes for your skin routine. Applying a hydrating mask once a week is a great way to nourish your skin rapidly and effectively by absorbing the maximum amount of nutrients in the shortest amount of time. It’s a perfect way to rejuvenate and refresh your skin, which will give you a natural glow. Farmacy Beauty has the best hydrating mask on the market, by far. The “Honey Potion” antioxidant mask warms up to the touch and transforms into a rich creamy texture which soothes and replenishes the skin. I cannot rave about this product enough. It also comes with a magnetic spatula that attaches to the top of the product so you’ll never have to use your hands again. SOLD!

I’ve found that investing in a minimalist skincare routine not only changed the appearance of my skin, It’s positively improved my entire life. It’s brought much light to other areas of my life that needed restoration and clarity as well. Everyone’s journey is different and always supported.

All my love,