Could Flying Be The Reason For Your Sun Damage?

Seatbelts aren’t the only precaution we need to be taking while flying. Being at an elevated height in the air, our skin is more susceptible to skin damage because we’re so much closer to the sun. The glass windows do a horrible job of protecting us from strong UVA rays which is why wearing sunscreen is vital as well as utilizing the window shades. The sun is 10x harsher than it was 10 years ago due to climate change and global warming, so our skin suffers more.

Flying 30,000 feet in the air for 60 minutes is equivalent to spending 20 mins in a tanning bed. Now, just imagine traveling on a sunny day, late morning, on a 6-hour flight? You could easily get 2-3 hours of the sunshine which equates to 60 mins in a tanning bed with no sun protection. NO BUENO.

An even better scenario: Driving in your car! This could actually be worse than flying because no one truly travels by plane every day, but a lot of folks travel by car on a daily basis so sunscreen is a must. Every day, for excuses.

I recommend a sunscreens that say “Broad Spectrum”. This ensures your skin is protected against UVB rays and harmful UVA rays (aging, wrinkles, cancer rays).

++If you’re a frequent traveler like me, opt for the aisle seat.

All my love,