Where Should You ACTUALLY Be Storing Your Beauty Products

I know I know, another woe we have to worry about with our skincare products. Most, if not all of us store our beauty products in our bathroom vanities out of sheer convenience and BUT, it’s not the ideal space to store them. The bathroom has the most fluctuated temperature than any other room in our home either it be too warm due to the lack of ventilation or too humid from hot lengthy showers. Bacteria LOVES humid areas so your glorified beauty products are more susceptible to mold growth and rapid oxidation which causes odor, consistency changes, and degrades effectiveness— Makeup and perfume included.


In a small vanity, on a cute petite shelf or in a cabinet in your BEDROOM. If you have the luxury of having an additional 1/2 bathroom in your place, store products there. I personally live in a very, very small studio apartment and my kitchen is basically in my bedroom (ahhhh, the joy of living in NYC), so I store most of my beauty products atop of my dresser. If space is an issue, which it definitely is for me and you absolutely have to store products in bathroom, consider storing them in under sink cabinet OR you can re-pot products into tinted glass pump containers to ensure freshness and longevity of all products.

In addition to skincare, bath salts and powders that are not in a strongly sealed airtight container should be placed in a dry cool area away from direct sunlight.

PS: Shower gels, shampoos, conditioning treatments and body scrubs can remain in bathroom, obvs:)

PRO TIP: If you use a makeup beauty blender/makeup brushes daily, clean tools frequently and let it air dry outside of the bathroom. Avoid mold breeding grounds at all cost. Window seal is perfect.


The only products you should be storing in your fridge are:

+ DIY skincare/100% organic skincare thats made from food

+ Probiotic-infused skincare (great for acne prone skin)

+ Preservative-free products

+ Serums

+ Sheet Masks (great for cooling effect)

+ Toners (great for cooling effect)

++ Eye Creams/Gels work their best in cooler temps as they speed up the de-puffing properties while lowering body heat temps if inflamed.

Honorable mention: Nail Polish. To reduce clumps and bubbles in your nail polish, store them in your fridge as the coolness increases viscosity and prevents discoloration caused by sunlight exposure.

MYTH BLASTER: Storing products in the fridge will NOT make them last longer, however, it will prevent them from oxidizing which keeps effectiveness strong while in use.

PRO TIP: To make things easier, store skincare products in a small basket or pouch if bedroom vanity is out of the question. That makes it easier for you to grab and head to the bathroom sink every morning and night. It's cute and keeps it consolidated for daily use.

++ Are you willing take the extra step to preserve your skincare goodies? Comment below and let me know how you store your products.

All my love,