Shani hillian

A holistic esthetician, and wellness writer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Her passion for wellness began at birth, as she was brought up in a holistic and health-driven Caribbean family where food was organic, and natural herbs were treated as medicine. She can personally affirm the powerful effects of proper nutrition and mindfulness has to heal the body. After struggling with unbearable dysmenorrhea, kidney stones, and drastic hormonal changes, Shani healed herself holistically by incorporating supplements, natural herbs, and clean eating with gradual lifestyle changes.

Shani began her journey at the age of 17, attending Beauty School in Philadelphia, PA where she studied cosmetology and skin therapy. She worked as a hairstylist and esthetician for a number of years before finding herself in Los Angeles, on an entirely different path—as a professional model. Her experience in the fashion industry became a blessing in disguise because it taught her that the stresses of your environment are directly linked to your well being: mentally, physically and spiritually. A few years later she moved to New York City, paired her love for writing, her experience in beauty and the holistic knowledge inscribed in her from childhood to solidify her passion for wellness and helping others live whole.

My ultimate purpose is to arouse awareness and to cultivate meaningful content for those interested in adopting holistic alternatives, creating balance and thriving to your highest potential of well being from the inside out.